Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Growth and hair follicle vary all over the body.  Hair follicles with sebaceous/oil glands can be found in almost every part of the body.  What makes a difference is that in some areas such as the underarms, genital areas  and around the nipples in addition to sebaceous gland the hair follicles also have a sweat gland attached.  Their secretions are released through the oil glands and are more active during emotional changes and often these are associated with odors.

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Hair Growth Cycle Myths and Facts

Hair Growth Facts: The Real Deal on What is Happening

There are three different phases that take place within the hair growth cycle. These are known by name as “anagen,” “catagen,” and “telogen.” At its own pace, each strand of hair on your head transitions through these three phases.

The anagen phase is also known as the growth phase. Most of the hairs on your head, up to 85 percent of them, are going through this phase at the same time. This part of the growth cycle will take anywhere from two to six years to complete. Every year, each hair follicle has the opportunity to grow up to ten centimeters.

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Understanding hair growth cycles are important to keep in mind when doing eyelash extensions.  Your eyelashes follow he same growth pattern all hair does – and it will vary from person to person.  When applied correctly an eyelash extension should shed with the natural growth cycle of your lashes approximately every 28 days (most times you will see the real lash still attached to the extension when the lash naturally sheds).  This is a good sign and demonstrates that the extension was applied correctly and with a good quality adhesive.  As your natural growth cycle continues you will need a follow-up appointment to relash the new growth of lashes.

It is important that the client performs routine touch ups to keep expecting the perfect eyelash look!

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