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Many women I know “self-diagnose” their skin and decide on their own which skin care products to buy.  When they look in the mirror they see SOMETHING they want so correct such as fine lines, bags under they eyes, wrinkles or uneven pigmentation – (think spots, freckles, pregnancy mask) so they go to the Sephora, the mall or any drugstore and buy a product that claims to address these issues.

Buying skin care products at the mall or drugstore WILL NOT WORK and these are three reasons why:

How to the Right Choose Skin Care Products

1. The molecules in a skin care product you buy at the drugstore can only penetrate the first layer of your skin – which are the dead cells at the surface also known as the “dead layer.”  With a “cosmeceutical” molecules are made to penetrate the epidermis also known as the “live tissue” where all your collagen and elastin are stored.  So to think that your skin is going to “change” or get correction is impossible because with a Sephora, Nordstrom or CVS product you are only addressing the issue superficially even though some may even cost lots of money!

2.  Cosmeceuticals contain much higher concentration of active ingredients that MAKE a change in the skin.  They penetrate the epidermis and affect the structure of the skin . With mall and drugstore brands the “active” ingredient only has to appear somewhere on the label – by law the ingredients are listed in order from greatest to least  – so if you see the “active” ingredient somewhere around the bottom of that list you can guess how little it is going to help your skin

3.  Price – no denying that cosmeceuticals are more expensive than drugstore brands but not necessarily the mall stores. However what is important is that the active ingredients are much more effective in cosmeceuticals – you only need to use a very small amount hence the products usually a very long time which end up being the same price as creams from the drugstore that require lots of product usage, not to mention the many many many products we buy and toss in the drawer because they didn’t work only to go buy another product from the same drugstore.

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