secrets to make lash extensions last longerSo you finally made the move to look pretty from the moment you wake up with lash extensions!

Between work, vacations and always being on the move we want to make our lash extensions last.  My clients are always asking me how they can protect their lash extensions and make them last longer.  To get the longest and prettiest run from your lash extensions there are some maintenance rules you should follow.

Here are three secrets to make lash extensions last longer, and look intact for a long time

  1.   Brush them when they are dry In order to prolong the life of lash extensions and save natural lashes brush them but NEVER when they are wet.  Water makes the extensions heavier and with that extra weight brushing might remove extensions that are not ready to come out.  Please wait until your lashes are completely dry and then brush them out.  This will make your lash extensions last longer and give a “fluffy” look to your lash extensions


2.  Keep your fingers away!!!

When removing your eye makeup do not use your fingers. They are wide and not very precise leaving residue of whatever you are using all over your lashes which might cause them to fall off earlier than they should.  Instead use a cleansing wipe or a lint free applicator such as

GENTLY remove all makeup, eyeliner, (q-tips or cotton swabs will leave lint all over your lashes).  Also, resist the urge to pick on your lashes, play with them or pull them off.

3.  Use only approved mascara and ditch the eyelash curler for good !

While your lash extensions should long fabulous without mascara (and will last longer if you skip mascara altogether) if you choose to do so as you get close to your touch up appointment  use make sure it is an approved mascara like Xtreme Lash Volume Mascara

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