tips to clear breakoutsNo matter what age pimples are not cool!

As a skincare expert, I see many women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s that are troubled with breakouts they have never had before – immediately their self-esteem is crushed.  What is a fully grown woman to do when she looks in the mirror and has the zits of a teenager?

When you have wrinkles and pimples choosing how to take care of your skin can be confusing.  How do you fight acne without making the skin dry and flaky, which causes wrinkles?  How do you try to use oils and creams to fight wrinkles without making pimples worse?

What is an adult with breakouts to do?

Top 5 Tips to Clear Breakouts as an Adult

1.  Use a Gentle Cleanser and Use Plenty of Moisturizer

Pimples do not need a drying soap or bar soap – this will actually make matters worse!  Wash your face twice a day with a silky water soluble cleanser with gentle soothing ingredients like that will help balance the skins ph.

Have two moisturizers – If your Moisturizer is “thick” and has oils for anti-aging it is great to still apply to the parts of your face that do not have pimples and use a different more lightweight moisturizer for the pats that are showing the signs of pimples.

2.  Sun Protection

Sun protection is of the utmost importance when fighting pimples and the scars they leave behind. By protecting against sun damage you strengthen your skin and help the immune system focus on fighting breakouts.  This means your skin will put its energy towards healing and preventing scars.

3.  Do not Pick on Your Pimples

I know this is a hard one.  Who isn’t tempted to squash that ugly pimple once and for all?

If the pimples you are getting are those that rise to the surface as a white pus filled pimple let it FULLY rise (again…….I know this is tempting) the you can squeeze it out with your fingers wrapped in tissue and apply a spot treatment  with salicylic acid.  I like  However, if you do not wait for the pimple to fully let the pus/bacteria rise and apply any spot treatment you will only dry the skin and keep the infection trapped under the skin longer.

If the If the breakouts you tend to experience are cystic (hard painful bumps underneath the skin that rarely come to a head), apply an anti-cyst treatment to reduce inflammation and recommended you see a dermatologist.

Any time you “pick” on a pimple you not only spread the bacteria on the surface of your skin but underneath as well therefore spreading infection resulting in MORE pimples and chance for scarring.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

People cannot control their family history and genetics but two factors they can control are their water intake and their diet. It is clear that drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy and balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables are important to maintaining skin health reducing the severity of acne.  Dehydration makes your skin dull and flaky leaving more dead cells on the surface that can accumulate and clog the pores.

5.  Schedule a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial or Chemical Peel with A Professional

Aestheticians have access to a variety and stronger strength of products to help with signs of aging and acne.  I use

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