Some of the lucky few wake up with long, thick voluminous lashes, for the rest of, us we need a little help in the lash department!

These expert tips will help you achieve those long, luscious lashes you’ve been dreaming of.

10 Things All Women With Great Lashes do

Top 10 Things All Women With Great Lashes Do.

#1 They condition their lashes at night with oils – You can apply cold-pressed, unrefined oil such as marula or castor oil from the roots to tips of your lashes to strengthen them.  Both oils will condition lashes but castor oils takes it one step further because castor oils contains ricin oleic acid and essential fatty acids, which absorbed by your skin, accelerate blood circulation, and help promote hair growth.

#2 They use lash growth serum – Lash growth serum strengthens your lashes promotes new hair growth.  Even if you are using extensions the growth serum will strengthen and grow new lashes to make you extensions look fuller.    My favorite is revitilash for preventing breakage and promoting new growth.

10 Things All Women With Great Lashes do

#3 They include Biotin in their diet – also referred to as vitamin H, biotin is a B complex.  Biotin promotes healthy hair growth prevents dryness by metabolizing fatty acids in our bodies.

Moreover, biotin also increases the elasticity of cortex of a hair, thereby, preventing and minimizing hair breakage.

#4 They use a moisturizing mascara, with ingredients like panthenol and beeswax, to keep their lashes hydrated.

10 Things All Women With Great Lashes do

#5 They dust baby powder over their eyelashes between the first and second coats of mascara – shake some translucent powder on your lashes between coats of mascara.  You can shake some off a big brush above your eyes or apply only on the tips of the lashes and you will see the difference

10 Things All Women With Great Lashes do#6 They remove eye makeup including mascara with light downward strokes – rubbing your eyes side-to-side can break your lashes and cause you to stretch the delicate skin around your eyes causing future wrinkles.

The proper way to remove eye makeup is to saturate a lint free pad with makeup remover and hold it to your eye for a few second to let the product soften and soak eye area and THEN use very light downward strokes to wipe off(anything with cotton can leave lint on lashes…….very annoying)

10 Things All Women With Great Lashes do#7 They get professional lash extensions – your can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely by applying lash extensions at Lady Lash Studio.

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#8 They request the “volume technique” when they get lash extensions – more than 2 light thin lashes will be attached to each individual eyelash creating a “fluffier” fuller look


#9 They brush their lash extensions with a spooly brush – sure lash extensions look amazing but to keep them looking their best 24/7 I recommend you brush them twice a day to keep them groomed

10 Things All Women With Great Lashes do

#10 They cleanse their lash extensions regularly with an oil free make up remover – mix a pea-sized amount of cleanser such as Xtreme Lashes and lint free cleansing pad lightly massage on your lash line.

This will help clean the lash extensions and makeup residue from building up on lash line.